Hotel Château
Le Sallay

The hotel is located in a 15th century castle in western Burgundy near the city of Nevers. It is easily accessible from Paris by train or car.
The Château Le Sallay hosts weddings, seminars, retreats and workshops. We also always welcome private guests.
The hotel has 11 rooms, 5 rooms in a guest house, a restaurant and several halls of different sizes for various events – from gala dinners for 200 people to business meetings.
The castle is surrounded by 4 hectares of parkland for guests to enjoy, with ancient trees, secluded corners, a stream, an outdoor pool and cosy hammocks.


We offer rooms to suit every taste: luxurious suites (40 m²), small comfortable rooms for two, separate houses for guests with disabilities or with children, as well as rooms in a separate guest house next to the castle.

Read more about the accommodation options in the Guest house and Rooms section.


To the south of Nevers, in the depths of the valley, stands the ancient castle of Sallay. This Renaissance building is not large but fascinating to everyone interested in history or art, and a great example of early 16th century architecture.

Its elegant tower, its neatly modillioned cornice, and its pitched roof with stone gables attract particular attention. The surrounding moat, which once served as a defensive structure, has long been filled with earth.

To the right of the building’s front elevation, you’ll find a chapel. Built in 1508, its massive-ribbed arch is crowned by a decorative capstone bearing a Christogram.

Historically, the original Сhâteau Le Sallay was granted to feudal lords who answered directly to the king.

The names of its first owners are lost in the depths of centuries. The first written references appear only at the beginning of the 15th century. At that time, the castle belonged to the Count Pierre de la Motte and his wife Jeanne de Thale. In late 15th century, it passed to the Le Tort family. From this point on, we can restore the full chronology of the lords owning the château. Guillaume Le Tort shared the property. In 1484, Jean Barbier along with his brother (a Nevers priest) and his sister Denise also became seigneurs de Sallay. Thus, the castle and the land had several owners at once. Later, the castle changed hands due to inheritance and sale.

The Le Tort coat of arms consisted of a golden spike on a blue background, with two silver crescents on either side and a golden star at the base.

Centuries went by, and the times and the château’s ownership kept changing – until the fully restored Le Sallay castle was turned into a cosy four-star hotel.

In 2017, the castle was acquired by the writer Sergey Kuznetsov and his wife Ekaterina Kadieva, a psychologist. The couple, who were living in Paris, have dedicated themselves completely to their new home, taking care of the garden and undertaking repairs in different parts of the building. They are always happy to welcome guests. Sergey and Ekaterina follow the spirit as well as the letter of the law on the restoration and preservation of historic buildings of France. In maintaining the château and running the household, they use sustainable materials and environmentally friendly products wherever possible. For decoration purposes, they spend weekends at antiques markets in Burgundy and Paris, to source authenticity in every little detail. Every guest can feel how tenderly the new owners care for the castle.

What they seek to create in and around the château is not only comfort and beauty, but also an atmosphere of hedonism. Located deep in the countryside, away from the noise of cities and large roads, Le Sallay is set in an old park occupying 4 hectares. The castle contains a large living room with a fireplace; sun loungers and hammocks are dotted around the garden. Le Sallay is the perfect place for a secluded vacation, be it for a couple, a family or a group of friends.

The château is also perfect for celebrations, especially weddings. The 16 cosy rooms can accommodate up to 40 guests, and the banquet hall can seat up to 200.


For several years, Château Le Sallay has been hosting weddings and other events, from cosy celebrations for several dozen people to magnificent parties for many guests. 

We are ready to take over the entire organisation of your celebration, from assistance in obtaining visas to organising the ceremony, the decorations and catering.

Workshops and other educational programmes

Château Le Sallay has been the venue for various events – cooking classes, a series of children’s educational camps called “Marabou”, art studios, as well as seminars organised by large companies for their clients and employees.
Would you like to organise a yoga retreat, a gastronomic tour, a theatre or art school field trip? We are open to your suggestions!

We are also happy to cater to all gastronomic wishes – from a vegan menu to exquisite high-class dining, as well as halal or kosher food. We also pay attention to food allergies and any other dietary preferences notified by our guests.

Mix and match: the DIY perfect holiday

You’d love to spend a few days in a small castle in the heart of France, but you don’t know what to do there? You are afraid of being bored, but dislike organised recreation?

Book your dates in advance!

We’ll offer you a mix-and-match treasure trove of events, from which you can assemble a programme to your taste!


A typical French celebration: a cocktail in the park, a gala dinner, and on the next day, a late breakfast followed by a special lunch. That is how the French celebrate weddings and anniversaries.


A party in the park for adults and children: hammocks and clowns in the afternoon, candles and music at night.


Excursions to wineries and neighbouring farms: wine tasting in Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé; a trip along the famous Burgundy wine road; cheeses and foie gras; the famous Charolais cows; meetings with farmers and winemakers.


All kinds of children’s programmes developed by the creators of the famous “Marabou” smart camps – from workshops and lectures to role-playing games and quests.


Trips with the best guides; ten exciting cities to choose from: from nearby Moulins and Bourges (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to the unique stained-glass windows in its cathedral) to the slightly more distant Loire Valley castles, and the ancient towns of Mâcon and Auxerre.


The famous Formula 1 track in the nearby town of Magny-Cours (5 km from the castle): you can visit the races, have a drive yourself, or watch a parade of unique vintage cars.

Things to do in the area

Traveling deep into any country creates a sense of discovery. When you come to Burgundy, you can expect a rich store of historical, artistic and architectural wonders. The city of Nevers, not to be missed, stands on the banks of the Loire and is famous for its ancient Gothic cathedral, the ducal palace and other attractions. Of course, you will also find cosy restaurants, markets and shops in Nevers. You will certainly not be bored: you can canoe on the River Loire, bike, hike, or ride in the countryside, and even parachute or fly in a hot air balloon! The town closest to the castle, Magny-Cours, hosts a famous motor racing track. And if Formula 1 is not your thing, then why not go on a wine tasting tour through the local farms and wineries? What better place for oenology than Burgundy?

The château is right in the heart of France. Less than an hour away from Le Sallay, you’ll find the cities of Bourges and Moulins, as well as the unique nature reserve Morvan Regional Natural Park. Such famous places as the Loire Valley, Lyon, Mâcon and many other beautiful cities, towns and villages are one-and-a-half to two hours away.

You can read more in the section “The surroundings”.

to Château Le Sallay!

Enjoy a leisurely stay!